False Idols

by Wes Tirey



This EP was recorded to a Panasonic RQ2102 cassette recorder in my apartment in Black Mountain, NC. All sales will go to help fund my January 2014 Italian tour.


released August 29, 2013

Wes Tirey: Guitar and vocals

Mastered by the incredible Andrew Weathers: www.andrewweathers.com (do yourself a favor and check out his music, and if you need tracks mastered, go to him)

Cover photo: Found online. Almost positive it's public domain. If it's yours and you'd like it removed, please let me know.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Master, Master
Master, Master
Which path shall I take
To behold the crown?
So many on the altar slain
I, too, shall wear Death's gown

In my dreams they threw stones at me
I was stripped of my name and robe
My dusty tongue knew the taste of blood
And I nearly touched the throne

Master, Master
What good shall come?
I have ears –– thus, I hear
The world is big and the world is wide
It, too, shall disappear

Let us dine one last time
And drink the wine of the eucharist
Moonlight will streak across your cheek
And I shall grace it with a kiss
Track Name: To Be A Watchman
I walked along the endless river
A storm came in from the north
The ground shook, the sky cracked open
Amber and fire fell forth

Then came the lion
Then came the ox
Then came the eagle
With wings a mile wide

Four wheels spun beside me
Each one like glory shined
Taller than the tallest tower
They looked upon me with open eyes

A voice spoke unto me,
"O, Son of Man
Stand on your own two feet
And swallow these songs of Death"

I went to the dry bones valley
Guided by a holy hand
Four winds set the bones to rattling
Breath made flesh, an army stands

O, handsome prince
Fear the sword
That reigns down on
All who have a name
Track Name: False Idols
I know your lovers are many
I used to be one
I know your tricks are plenty
I even showed you some
Step into the light
There is nothing to hide from

Your secrets aren't skin deep
I can see them
Keep your dress of, dear
I like to look at them
Though my idols are false
I still worship them

I know your body isn't pure
I've tasted it
I know your time isn't precious
You've wasted it
I know your love isn't perfect
Yet I've prayed for it